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Scientific Visualization

This Essay Writer visualization shows us the result of a simulation executed on Kabré of more than 8000 plasma particles in confinement inside the chamber called Stellarator

User Experience

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Rodney Eduardo Mora Escalante, MSc

Coordinator of the Oceanographic Information Module of the Center for Research in Marine Sciences and Limnology (CIMAR) of the University of Costa Rica.

«The use of computer platforms makes it easy for you to carry out numerical experiments with a high demand for processing. Having a computational architecture such as Kabré, the support they provide and the availability to everyone, encourages the researcher to continue using the cluster. More important is that it points to Costa Rica being a pioneer in the Central American region in studies of HPC and its applications. «

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Andrés Morales Esquivel, MSc

Master´s Thesis in Computer Science

«Using Kabré greatly facilitated the work done since all the experiments to perform the statistical analysis of my thesis were executed in the cluster. It was also used to train different classification algorithms and reinforcement learning algorithms which were necessary to execute these experiments. Thanks to the GPU nodes of the cluster, it was possible to accelerate the training of these algorithms and execute the experiments. 1204 experiments were carried out and required around 800 hours of execution time in the cluster. The support provided by the CNCA, especially Jean Carlo Umaña, when there was a problem, was adequate and quite fast. «

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Esteban Arias Méndez

Computer Engineering Professor at Technological Institute of Costa Rica

"The CNCA has been a great collaborator and ally in all the help provided. The responses in the attention to events, opening accounts and other tasks have always been very expeditious; as well as the opening in the possibility of talks or training workshops that have been managed. This willingness and good work are appreciated. We hope to continue with these collaborations in the future. "

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